Working with molten glass is an experience unlike any other. I spent my early life in the glass shop watching my father work, and by high school I knew that glass blowing was going to be my life. Balancing and controlling a mass of 2000 degree material has always been the true inspiration behind the experience for me. I find it to be a duality of experiences; we create with glass in the molten state, however glass itself can only be tangible in the solid crystal form. The pieces that most reflect my fascination with this concept are the Wave Sculptures where the glass is literally poured onto the piece to create a fluid motion with the crystal.

I studied art at Sonoma State University where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Ceramic Sculpture. This long concentration on sculptural form allowed me to return to glassblowing with the intent of moving away from the symmetrical and functional pieces, and has forced me to invent new methods along the way. I am grateful for the opportunities that I have had studying under Glass Artists/Teachers Dimitri Michealidis, Karen Willenbrink, and Richard Jolley who have instilled a strong sense of precision and originality. I also have gained an increased awareness of style, invention and production in my opportunities to assist great artisans including Mike Mortara, Chuck Vannatta, and Ed Schmid. My father, glass artist Hugh Jenkins, is a constant influence for me as well with a wealth of knowledge that I rely on.

Living in Hawaii has been a great inspiration in the colors I use. The vibrant greens, the deep blues, and fire reds come from the colors that surround me. The forms are created from the visual landscape, and reflect the uniqueness of this place that I call home. My sculptural work is also inspired by my father's cut and polished forms in glass. I build larger pieces in several parts in the hot shop to be diamond cut and polished, and rejoined in the cold shop. Glass itself has an inherent beauty, and through the use of color and form I am creating one of a kind pieces that are a reflection of beauty in the world. Ideas spring from something as intangible as a dream; the finished piece becomes a reflection of my thoughts and emotions within the object.